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Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes, SMS

Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes, SMS.

Bengali New Year also called Pohela Boishakh is the customary new year day of the Bengali people. It is widely celebrated in Bangladesh, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam and Sikkim etc. This year it would be celebrated on the 15th April 2018, Monday. It so almost always falls on or about 14 April every year on the Gregorian calendar. On this day in mid-April, Bengalis find various ways to celebrate the occasion. It is the first day of the first month (Boishakh) according to Bengali lunisolar calendar. So here are best Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes which you can share with your friends.

The Bengali new year celebrated with other festivals like Baisakhi, Bihu and Vishu, all of which are celebrate at the beginning of the new year and wish for a good harvesting season.The same day is observed elsewhere as the traditional solar new year and a bring in festival by Hindus and Sikhs, and is known by other names such as Vaisakhi in central and north India, Vishu in Kerala and Puthandu in Tamil Nadu. On this day merchants and accountant open new haal khaata, the quintessential accounts book of traditional business establishments. Traditional fares, vibrant new clothes, cultural performances, indulgent feasts and endless chatter with friends and family, Pohela Boishakh is no less of a carnival for Bengalis.

Bengali New Year is a special day for the owners of the commercial outlets and shops in order to open the ledgers. Merchants across the state perform Lakshmi Pooja and Ganesh Pooja and organise parties for their regular customers. At schools and colleges, competitions will be organised for students such as dance competitions, singing competitions, art competitions etc.

Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes

Here are some of the best Happy Bengali New Year 2019 wishes, sms that you can
share with your freinds, family and your love one on this beautiful day.

Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes

Dinguli jamoni hok thik- e-jaye k ete,Tobu bolo labh ki a a r p urono smriti ghete,Ei bochore purno ho k tomar s h okol asha,Nobo borshe etai amar porom-prottasa.

Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes

Rater sese misti hese takao chokh khule
Notun aloy notun bhore dukkho jabe bhule
Jhilmiliye hasbe abar, andhar hobe sesh
Ese geche Notun Bochorer notun SMS ! 

N o tun a asha, n o tun pran, n o tun s h ure , n o tun gaann o tun jiboner n o tun a a loN o tun bochhor katuk bhalo.S h ubho Noboborsho!

Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes

Tomar jonna Sokal,Dupur tomar jonna Sondha,
Tomar jonna sokol Gulap & Rojonigondha.
Tomar jonnae sob Sur tomar jonnae Chondo
Noton Bochor boya anuk Onabil Anondo

Eki shure dhorbo j gaan
Hazar loker vire,
Boishaker ei rongin melai
Khuji shudu tokE

Dingoli jamoni houk thik e jai kata,
Tobe bolo lav ki porono sriti geta,
A Bochore puran houk tur sokol aasa,
New Year a Tur jonna ata e kori Prottasa.

Sukher smriti rekho mone
Mishe theko apon jone
Maan-Abhiman sokol bhule
Khshir prodip rekho jele
Hazar SURJO tomar chokhe
Bandhu tumi theko sukhe

Tomar jonna Sokal,Dupur tomar jonna Sondha,
Tomar jonna sokol Gulap & Rojonigondha.
Tomar jonnae sob Sur tomar jonnae Chondo
Noton Bochor boya anuk Onabil Anondo
Baro mashe tero parbon ebar elo bole.
Bangalir ekti bochor boye gelo chole.
Natun bachor anuk sudhu anonderi sporsho
Amar torof theke janai tomai
Subho Nababorsho

Notun e din,Notun alo,Notun e bochor,
Notun kichhu bhalo,Notun kichhu katha,
Notun kichhu asha Notun kore jibon niea notun
sopno dekha.SUBHO NOBO BARSO

Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes in English

New Year begins,
let us pray that
it will be a year with New Peace,
New Happiness
and abundance of new friends,
God bless you
through out the New Year.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow,
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes, SMS

Wishing a blessed and prosperousBengali New Year to you and your family.Subho Poila Boisakh!
Before the sun sets in this year,
before the memories fade,
before the net works get jammed
Wish u and ur family Happy Sparkling New Year 1425

Conclusion: Here in this site you will fin the best  Bengali New Year 2019 Wishes, SMS and share these wishes on the day of Bengali New Year 2019 through your social media and spread love and happiness. Also you will find Bengali New Year 2019  wishes in English , Hindi and Bangla also. Happy Bengali New Year 2019 :)

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